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Volunteer Policy


This document illustrates the main principles regarding the involvement and importance of volunteers within Creating Conversations CIC.


Unless specifically stated, the policy applies to all volunteers in all activities undertaken by or on behalf of Creating Conversations CIC.

Definition of a Volunteer 

A volunteer is anyone who freely chooses to undertake work for Creating Conversations CIC through the giving of their time, skills and experience without financial remuneration beyond the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.  It is work undertaken by choice and is unpaid.  We undertake to organise this work effectively.

Creating Conversations CIC’s Volunteer Roles

  • Death Cafe Table Host
  • Grief Cafe Table Host

These roles will require individuals to host and ‘hold safe and confidential’ small group conversations around death, dying, grief and loss with activities organised, promoted and facilitated by Creating Conversations CIC paid workers.

Grief Cafe conversations are more focused on the experience and impact of grief and loss. More information about each role, the similarities and differences will be shared by the Creating Conversations CIC Directors as part of the recruitment and selection process.

Responsibilities of Creating Conversations CIC Volunteers

Volunteers should expect and will be expected to work within the guidelines set out in this policy document and any accompanying procedural or training documents.

We believe that our relationship with volunteers is one of mutual responsibility and commitment within which Creating Conversations CIC and volunteers have both rights and responsibilities.  We aim to ensure that volunteers enjoy working with us and gain from it in terms of their own personal objectives.

Our commitment to Creating Conversations CIC volunteers:

We want you to get the most out of volunteering with us and we take our responsibility towards you seriously. To support you during your volunteering, we will:

  • Provide training and guidance around your role.
  • Provide ongoing support and supervision.
  • Reimburse agreed out of pocket expenses in line with the terms set out in this policy.
  • Always work to ensure our volunteering practices are compliant with current and relevant legislation with the resources available to us.
  • Make necessary arrangements to ensure your health, safety and wellbeing as a volunteer.
  • Listen to and act on your concerns.
  • Be open and transparent about any changes and initiatives.

We ask Creating Conversations CIC volunteers to: 

  • Commit to our aims and values and be a positive advocate for Creating Conversations CIC.
  • Treat everyone you meet through your role with dignity and respect, understanding that no form of harassment, bullying or discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Work in partnership with other volunteers, staff and community and professional colleagues.
  • Follow the guidance provided in the training, this document and any other that are shared with you.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality.
  • Be accountable for your behaviour and actions and be open to receiving feedback.
  • Let your staff contact know first if you have any problems so that a solution can be found together.


Due to the nature of the activities, we suggest that volunteers will find most value in the role with some life experience and as guide suggest 26 as a minimum age. However, we would welcome discussions around the role from all adults (18+).

There is no upper age limit for volunteers but there may be situations that require us to ask someone to stop volunteering. This may be when a volunteer has health issues which could cause a risk to themselves or others.

Recruitment and Selection

To ensure that we support our volunteers’ wellbeing, we recommend that individuals who wish to become a Creating Conversations CIC volunteer should wait two years following a significant bereavement.

Due to the nature of Creating Conversations CIC’s activities, volunteers will be expected to have attended a minimum of two activities as a participant or be able to demonstrate previous experience in hosting or supporting similar activities before joining the volunteer team.

Selection will include an informal interview with a Creating Conversations CIC Director to ensure that the volunteer is comfortable with the expectations of the role.

There may be occasions when Creating Conversations CIC Directors determine that the volunteer role is not an appropriate match for an individual. In these cases, this will be communicated to individuals in an open and transparent manner.

Induction and Training

Volunteers will be invited to attend a virtual induction session which will share and explore the Creating Conversations CIC guidelines.

Volunteers will then be able to sign up to a Creating Conversations CIC activity in a volunteer capacity. Where possible the first session will be shadowed by a Creating Conversation CIC director or experienced Creating Conversations CIC volunteer.

Support and Supervision

Due to the nature of the Creating Conversations CIC activities, volunteers can absorb, ‘hold’ and experience strong feelings and emotions. This can be challenging. Volunteers are encouraged to prioritise their wellbeing and to share any concerns or issues they experience with their volunteering role at any time.

First activity feedback

Following every volunteer’s first activity, a Creating Conversations CIC Director will organise a support and supervision session to discuss the volunteer’s experience, any concerns or issues they might have and for the Director to share any observations or feedback that they might have.

Debrief and decompress sessions

Following each activity there will be an informal debrief and decompress session to include all volunteers. This will be in person directly following the activity or if timings make that difficult, this will be arranged virtually on a later date. If volunteers are not able to attend then separate arrangements will be made.

Wellbeing check-ins

Creating Conversations CIC will organise at least bi-annual wellbeing check ins for all volunteers where the focus will be the impact of the volunteer role on the individuals and will be an opportunity to share concerns and challenges of the role and how best to prioritise our own wellbeing in a role that involves supporting others.


Volunteers can request payment of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs and refreshments. We ask that you use the most cost-effective form of transport. Payment of reasonable expenses must be authorised by one of the CIC Directors in advance, and receipts will be required.

Expense claims can be either made at an activity or via email. Details will be provided as part of volunteers’ induction training.


Creating Conversations CIC has appropriate types of insurance in place to cover our volunteers, including employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance.  Our insurance does not cover personal belongings.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Creating Conversations CIC is committed to creating and fostering a culture that promotes respect for each other and values individual differences. For this reason, we take a zero-tolerance stance to any bullying, harassment, discrimination or unacceptable behaviour. Volunteers or participants who behave in ways that do not follow these guidelines may be excluded from future activities.


Creating Conversations CIC is fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of all those it works with. We recognise our responsibility to promote safe practice and to reduce the risk of abuse or harm of those people it works with and for. Creating Conversations CIC’s safeguarding policy and procedure will be shared with volunteers as part of their induction and training, and all volunteers will be expected to follow its guidelines.

Health, safety and wellbeing

Creating Conversations CIC is fully committed to prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone it works with. While volunteering, always:

  • Take reasonable care of the health and safety of yourself and other people who may be affected by your actions or omissions.
  • Co-operate with staff by assisting them to fulfil their statutory duties.
  • Follow guidance shared with you during your induction.
  • Report any accidents, incidents, near misses or potentially dangerous circumstances to a member of staff, whether or not anyone has been injured.
  • Be aware of actions to take when an emergency situation arises, and who to contact for support.

Data protection and confidentiality 

We take great care to protect your information as part of our data protection responsibilities.

We will not share your personal contact details with any external party without your consent.

As a volunteer you may have access to Creating Conversations CIC activity participants’ personal data including their name and contact details. You may also learn personal and sensitive details about their experience.

As a volunteer, we expect you to protect any personal or confidential information to which you may have access and to respect all individuals’ right to privacy.

More information around your responsibilities will be provided in your Induction Training.

Social media

We welcome the sharing of Creating Conversations CIC’s activities via your personal social media. However, the information and opinions you share on social media should reflect our values.

  • Only post things you would be happy to be repeated.
  • Respect confidentiality, data protection and personal privacy.

Resolving Problems 

We hope that your volunteering will be a positive experience, but we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. We will always listen and welcome your feedback and concerns.